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Not only mountainbikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, but now also many road bikes and gravel bikes. Hydraulic disc brakes are particularly known for their fast response. They are very robust and allow the braking force to be controlled and dosed well. However, without good maintenance, hydraulic disc brakes loose their positive characteristics. We […]

One of the steps in bike maintenance is to clean the chain and drivetrain of your bike. If you maintain the chain properly, it will last longer. There are multiple ways to clean your drivetrain, we are happy to share our tips!

A well-known sound among cyclists: the loud brake squeal when stopping for a traffic light. It’s probably one of the most annoying things. Lucky for you, you can prevent it with the right maintenance routine!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get: 6 bicycle greases? When should I use which one? To help answer this question and to prevent having to explain this topic in detail a couple times a week 😉,  we have put together this blog.

We often hear: “I clean my bike with dishwashing liquid and my chain with Dasty degreaser!”.  On cycling fora and blogs, we see household cleaning products being recommended to clean road bikes, gravelbikes and MTB’s. If these cheap cleaning products get the job done, why should you choose products that are specifically developed to clean […]

It’s getting wet, dark and cold outside! Time to dust off your indoor setup and prepare yourself and your trainer for a long season filled with Zwift rides (and of course Netflix on your second screen). That’s why you get in this blogpost 3 important indoor cycling hacks. Whether your indoor setup consists of a […]

Not all lubes are the same. If you want to get the best performance out of your drivetrain, you should also use the right chain oil for the current conditions. We show you the differences between the various lubricants and how to apply the chain oil.

Extend the lifespan of your bike by adding a protective finish after cleaning your bike. We have two sprays in our assortment that will give your bike a nice finish!

At Dynamic we have 2 wax-based chain lubricants in our range: Speed Potion Wax and Slick Wax. What are the differences and when should I use which one? Why does one cost roughly 3 times as much as the other? These are just a few questions we are getting since we have introduced Slick Wax.

A clean bike, don’t we all love that feeling? It doesn’t only make you look great on your rides, cleaning your bike regularly helps to extend the lifespan and makes your bike run smoother. Check out this cleaning routine: 6 simple steps that will make your bike #lastlonger!

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